Getting the class out of the box: learning through cooking

Andrés Alfredo Aguirre Alonso,, Lay-Wah Carolina Ching Chiang


Based on Project Based Learning and the International Baccalaureate profile the cooking classes approach to teach subjects in English at UENS school was implemented. The approach was taken as a change needed inside the classroom to focus on the student learning and creating the space for collaborative and social learning. 

The approach was led by teachers and junior and senior students of the IB program. The pilot classes were planned with the purpose of creating fun classes. However, it evolved to using them to access knowledge of different subjects and became a transdisciplinary approach. The classes were planned with the IB planner, applied and then had reflection section for both the teacher and students. 

The cooking classes have the benefits of PBL outcomes and IB Learner profile in shaping the knowledge and personality of students. This methodology becomes relevant to adapt to globalization and fast pace changes in societal systems. 

Palabras clave

International Education, Project Based learning, Non Traditional Education, Cooking, IB

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